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( Back at Hades' underworld lair )
Hades:( very angry) We were so close, so close that seal and his crew shall pay for done this to me.
Elsa: How, what power do you have to stop us.
Hades: Nothing to worry my dear... oh you'll love this one more thing, start a new life with me or watch your sister and Merida die.
Elsa: I'll never join you!
( there's an earthquake, Hercules and his friends arrive)
Elliott: [Roaring]
Romeo: Where's Anna, Merida, Juliet and Meg.
Hades: Look who's here 
Kristoff: Release them now!
Hades: Or What Lover Boy.
Tarzan: Your Bill of Sale will burn ( show it to Elliott and then Elliott use his fire breath to burn it.)
Hades: Not my Bill of...
Quasimodo: You listen, All my life you told me the world's a dark cruel place but now the only thing i see dark and cruel about is people like you.
Hercules: Now let them go,
Hades: Get a grip , come here I'll show you now.( lead them to Pit of Death)
Elsa: ( to Kristoff) you have to tell him to let me go.
Kristoff: I'll do it, I'll can for you after I'll get Anna.
Elsa: Thank you.
Hades: Hmm, well, well it's a small underworld after huh.
Kristoff: Anna!
Hades: slow down, lover boy, you see the girls are trapped forever.
Quasimodo: you'll like making deals then take us instead.
Hades: Very Well as you command if you want to get them out, they goes you'll stay.
Kristoff: on on condition, you have to release Elsa with them once for all.
Hades: It's done then ( Hercules, Romeo and Kristoff dove in) Oh you slipped my mind, you'll be dead before you get to them, that's not a problem is it.


Derek Armstrong
Artist | Film & Animation
I'm 22 years old and I'm wishing to become an animator for the Walt Disney animation studios

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